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Assumption of the Virgin Mary Parish
Albion, New York


Baptismal Record Search

About Baptismal Searches

All search terms are optional depending on what information you are looking for. If you are looking for information on children, enter the last name and first name terms. If you're interested in finding baptismal records for children of certain parents, enter the last name and the father's first name or the mother's name. You can also search to see if your ancestors were godparents by entering their names either in the godfather or godmother areas.

If you wish to browse the baptismal records, do not enter any search terms and click the "search" button. There are currently 126 baptismal records from 1891 to 1893 and more will be added in the future.

Marriage Record Search

About Marriage Searches

One of the two "last name" search terms are required to reveal related search results. The first name search terms are optional and do not need to be entered. These records were transcribed directly as found within the original records, so there are small variances in last name and first name spellings. Leave suffixes (e.g. "ski") off of the surname to produce broader search results.

If you click "search" without entering any terms, you will retrieve the entire list of marriage records. That is an option if you'd prefer to browse all of the available marriage records. Currently there are 379 marriage records from 1891 to 1924. In order to follow NYS vital records regulations, marriages will only be added up until 1963 and only if both bride and groom are known to be deceased.

Funeral Record Search

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About Funeral Searches

Last name searching is required to draw results from the funeral records database; entry of the deceased person's first name is optional. The database draws "like" matches, meaning that it will search for results containing your entered term. For example, an entry of "Roman" will return Romanowski and Romanski; a search of "ani" will return results for Aniolowski, Danielewski, Kaniecki, etc.

Names within the database are transcribed directly as found within the records to retain accuracy and avoid transcription error. For names ending in "ski" or "cki" it is best to leave the "i" out of the search name as female names are entered as "ska" or "cka."

Alternatively, you can choose to browse through the records. Currently there are 736 funeral entries with many more to be added. In order to follow NYS vital records regulations, funerals will only be added up until 1963.

1241 Total Sacramental Records

Newspaper Article Search

About Newspaper Searches

Enter the name of your ancestors into the box and click "Search." Names are entered "first name last name" so you can search either by last name alone or by using the first name as well. Try searching "Daniels" and then try searching "Stephen Daniels" for a sample result.